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The expertly-skilled team at Plumbing Specialist is focused on minimizing the impact on the landscaping and paved areas of your property when Amarillo sewer line replacement is needed. When drain clearing methods aren’t successful, the sewer line needs to be excavated and replaced. The services should be deployed efficiently and professionally, especially if you’re dealing with a blocked or damaged pipe.

Signs Your Amarillo Sewer Line Needs to Be Excavated

There are some Amarillo pipe problems that must be solved with traditional sewer line replacement methods. As you consider the scope of work, rely on the industry experts at Plumbing Specialists to complete the job in a timely, cost-effective manner. We will thoroughly inspect your system to ensure a sewer line replacement Amarillo project is necessary. Some of the most common reasons complete pipe replacement is needed include:

  • Sewer line being severely damaged by invasive tree roots throughout the path.
  • Severe great, dirt, and debris has caused irreparable corrosion to the pipe.
  • Shifting soil or soft ground conditions has allowed the pipe to sink, resulting in a bellied pipe.
  • The sewer pipe has completely collapsed due to age, corrosion, or a natural disaster.
  • Severe weather conditions have caused the pipe to crack or break.
  • Sewage seepage is resulting due to poor installation or weakening pipe joints.

At Plumbing Specialists, we are dedicated to providing excellent excavation services to the Amarillo area. We take our reputation as the Amarillo sewer line replacement company of choice seriously and only hire the most qualified engineers and technicians to join our team. We are experienced in serving all types of commercial and residential property and understand that every repair and installation has a budget and time frame. Our team works hard to minimize the impact of excavation, and get your project done on your schedule and within your budget.

Advantages of Sewer Line Replacement in Amarillo, Texas

While excavation for Amarillo sewer line replacement may not be ideal, there are scenarios where the traditional method is necessary. In some cases, this type of work can even be advantageous.

  • Affordability: If you’re facing a complex pipeline installation that must pass beneath an open lot, traditional sewer line replacement may be the most affordable method.
  • Quality Repair: In some instances, the Amarillo sewer pipe is so severely damaged that attempted a patch-work fix will only lead to more problems in the future. Sewer line replacement may be the best way to make a single repair and have the pipe last for decades to come.

The Plumbing Specialists team is trained to provide service that is minimally intrusive to your surrounding landscape and vegetation. Our advanced equipment and highly-skilled technicians allow us to complete the Amarillo sewer line replacement efficiently.

Our team will conduct a thorough inspection, reveal to you our findings, and make viable recommendations on how to complete the sewer line replacement. It’s our goal to meet your specific needs and ensure that the repair or replacement we make will extend the life of your plumbing system.

Contact the Plumbing Specialists team today to find out how Amarillo sewer line replacement could improve the operation of your entire system.



At Plumbing Specialists, we work hard to provide you with quality service that you can trust. If you are in need of plumbing service, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are proud to serve Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding communities.


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