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When you suspect your home or business plumbing has a leak, it’s best to have a thorough inspection performed immediately. Leak detection Amarillo work doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be reliable. The Plumbing Specialists team is dedicated to inspecting your plumbing system for all types of leaks and going beyond what you would expect to help you resolve the issue efficiently.

Unlike other Amarillo plumbing companies, our highly-skilled technicians do not rely solely on a sewer camera inspection to solve your leak issue. While we do work with the most advanced equipment available, offering a high-definition color picture of the inside of your plumbing system, we know that that tiniest of holes or cracks may go undetected when just a sewer camera inspection is used.

What are Pinhole Leaks?

A pinhole leak can form due to pitted corrosion that develops from the outside in. Copper pipes are the victims of pinhole leaks, which are typically very small, allowing only a drop of water at a time to seep from the pipe. Even a slow leak can create big damage.

Pinhole leaks are among the hardest to identify in a plumbing system because the don’t affect your water pressure and don’t create an unexpected increase in your monthly utility bill. Amarillo leak detection is the only sure way to detect pinhole leaks and others that can’t be recognized on a sewer camera inspection. If left untreated, the pinhole leak can drip water onto the insulation in your walls, leading to black mold and mildew growth. The small leak can even cause wood rot or effect the foundation of your home.  

Importance of Leak Detection for Your Amarillo, TX Pipes

The average home loses 22 gallons of water each day to undetected leaks. If your water bill is steadily increasing, it’s time to schedule leak detection services for your Amarillo property. Large water leaks in your property are easy to notice, but small leaks are much more difficult to detect. At Plumbing Specialists, we use advanced technology to pinpoint exactly where your leak is and the repair solution that best meets your residential or commercial needs.

Warning signs you may have a leak within your sewer or drain system include:

  • Low water pressure
  • Sudden increase in water bill
  • Sound of running water in walls
  • Water spots or discoloration on your ceiling
  • Dampness or pooling of water on the floor

If you’ve experienced any of these warning signs in your plumbing system, it’s time to schedule your Amarillo leak detection services with our industry leading technicians.

Call to Schedule a Leak Detection Appointment with Your Amarillo Pipe Experts

At Plumbing Specialists, we use state-of-the-art technology to perform leak detection and give you possible solutions from which to choose. Our technicians are trained to complete your Amarillo leak detection services in the most efficient way possible. We will locate the leak with precise accuracy and provide solutions that create a lasting cure for the leak. Call to speak to one of our friendly associates to schedule your appointment today.



At Plumbing Specialists, we work hard to provide you with quality service that you can trust. If you are in need of plumbing service, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are proud to serve Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding communities.


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