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Plumbing Specialists are industry leaders in North Texas with offering a wide range of affordable and customizable plumbing services. Our plumbers are the best in Texas with diagnosing plumbing issues and resolving them with knowledge, time efficiency, and strive to prevent future repairs. As industry specialists, our central aim is to expand our client's knowledge of plumbing systems while compiling cost-effective maintenance strategies.

There are many common and nuanced plumbing questions that crop up daily from our client base. From extensive gas line replacements to simple toilet clogs, our services vary from client to client. Our team serves the cities of Amarillo, Canyon, Bushland, Dumas, Pampa, Fritch, Borger, Panhandle, Hereford, Umbarger, and Happy, Texas. For many years, our plumbers have perfected the skill of fast and technical plumbing maintenance that not only fixes the issue at hand—but stops future leaks, breaks, and clogs. To compliment our fast, affordable, and informative plumbing repairs, we have documented all the services we offer.

We Tackle a Variety of Amarillo Plumbing Problems

Our company values the strength of water and sewer line systems —particularly how they enhance the daily lives of our Texas clients. As our collection of service lists gradually expands, we always keep in mind which plumbing maintenance options are best suited to the needs of clients. Both residential and municipal buildings benefit our versatile repair and installation packages that extend the shelf life of even older units and sewer line systems. Here are the common services that our Texas clients request:

  • Jetting
  • Sewer camera-color camera with video recording
  • Sewer line replacement 
  • Water line replacement
  • Gas line replacement
  • Leak detection
  • Water heater service/repair and/or installation- regular and tankless 
  • Toilet repair/replacement

If there is a maintenance demand not on our list, Plumbing Specialist will be happy to provide free consultation or brainstorm ways we can tackle the issue. Over the years, we have encountered many plumbing scenarios with state-of-the-art plumbing technologies and skills.

Looking for a Trusted and Reliable Plumber Near You?

Other than our range of skills and seasoned plumbing experience, we are fully committed to jobs, both big and small! Whether you are stuck with the dilemma of a full-scale pipeline leak, or curious about the state of your sewer line system—our technicians and plumbers work around the clock to resolve the issue. Our plumbing team has a number of qualities that our competitors cannot match or imitate.

We Are A Client-Centered Company

There is nothing more frustrating during a plumbing emergency than hiring a group of plumbers who only care about getting the job done. Even worse, some plumbing companies seek to increase plumbing costs for Texas residents by not addressing the full picture of pipeline systems. More often than not, these plumbers return within a few weeks or months to correct their errors or fix another visible plumbing problem. Plumbing Specialists defines a customer service oriented approach within the plumbing industry.

We are Proud Locals of North Texas

From Panhandle to Happy, we are proud to help members of many Texan communities! Plumbing Specialists has no problem commuting each day until the job is done and our clients’ plumbing systems are fully functioning. Whether your gas line has stopped working in the winter or you live in a remote part of a town that we service—our plumbers are happy to travel and meet your needs.

We are Licensed and Insured

Our plumbers and technicians take their jobs very seriously. We have meticulously covered every step to honorably achieve plumbing licenses so we can conduct our work without errors. Some plumbing companies can be less than transparent with presenting their plumbing credentials. Apart from the necessary licenses and insurance, we are proud to inform North Texas residents about our safety protocols.

Apart from our core values, Plumbing Specialists measures our success by ensuring that common and more serious plumbing issues are treated properly. We are frequently asked about the nature of clogged pipes, how to reduce water bills, and gas line leaks. For your convenience and reference, we have gathered these questions and answered them so clients may educate themselves before contacting us for a job.

How Do You Solve Clogged Drains?

Even though clogged drains are typically not a big issue to fix—they produce bad odors which obstruct a healthy, clean, and livable home. Sometimes North Texas homeowners get fed-up with their home smelling like an open sewer and opt for store bought cleaners. The problem may quickly escalate into the sewer line system literally being opened through damaged pipes. Store bought cleaners frequently settle into sewer line pipes and eat through the material. Plumbing Specialists—for your safety and convenience—never advises homeowners to take matters into their own hands.

Sewer line systems are an extensive network of pipes that extend around properties, streets, and municipal buildings. A clogged drain may indicate less superficial clogs and obstructions within the sewer line. Another reason why do it yourself cleaning methods rarely help is due to the complicated and wide-ranging web of sewer pipes. If our plumbing technicians suspect deep clogs, we bring along a high-resolution sewer line camera to locate the area of clogs. This device travels through sewer line systems through a minute access point and points out the age of pipes, their materials, and the size of blockages.

Can We Install New Pipes?

Sewer camera inspections are part of pipe repair packages. Sometimes after years of persistent clogs and damage to the interior of sewer line systems, they degrade and wear down. If the sewer camera tips one of Plumbing Specialists’ technicians off to this scenario, we then walk you through sewer line replacement options. Both traditional excavations and trenchless pipeline repairs are offered—depending on the preference of North Texas homeowners.

Traditional pipe excavations involve manual labor and fitting new sections of the pipeline system into the earth. Clients may prefer this option if damage to their sewer line system extends to multiple pipes or their pipes are composed of older pipe material. Plumbing Specialist diligently reduces damage to front or back yards and disruptive construction noises.

Compared to pipe excavations, trenchless pipe relining services are prized by our client base as being hands-off and non-disruptive. The sewer line camera’s access point allows our plumbers to insert an inflatable epoxy tube that inflates around the parameter of pipe ruptures. After the tube inflates, it hardens and coats these leaks and ruptures. Like magic, the sewer line system is restored without any additional repair parts or maintenance.

What are the Signs of Serious Pipe Clogs?

When obstructive objects—such as grease, feminine products, non-degradable food scraps, soap scum, and hair—enters drains and pipes, they eventually buildup and damage to pipes become noticeable. Standing pools of water, foul odors (which linger for weeks or even months), and low water pressure point to clogs and ruptured pipes. The best way to avert larger plumbing issues is to alert Plumbing Specialists even if sinks are draining longer than usual for more than a few days. Keeping a careful eye on water bills may put a stop to sewer line systems on the brink of breaking down.

Sewer line systems and household appliances do not malfunction overnight. In fact, water bills are a good way to chart how well they are working. If a dramatic spike in water bills occurs after months of steady bills, there is likely a very serious problem with your sewer system. Further, if the sound of running water is detected behind walls or beneath floorboards—contact Plumbing Specialist immediately. Keeping your sewer line system free from leaks, cracks, and clogs is a matter of proactivity. No one wants to spot patches of mold or have swarms of rodents in their homes, which point towards sewer line emergencies. Our plumbers can review your water bills and see if clogs and broken pipes are a root cause.

Do We Offer Water Heater Services?

The state of water heaters is another prominent concern for North Texas residents. However, many of them are not aware that their trusted plumbers can service their water heater units. Due to safety risks, the complexity of units, and abundance of repair parts—water heaters are one of the hardest home appliances to fix without a licensed technician.

Water heater issues may vary from short circuits to a high level of sediments that gather at the bottom of tanks and contaminate the water. Knowing how to conduct these repairs requires the right tools, safety equipment, and knowledge about the unit. Luckily, Plumbing Specialists’ technicians are well versed with both traditional and tankless water heaters.

Is It a Good Idea to Try Water Heater Installations on My Own?

With all the wiring, heavy parts, and sensitive installation procedures—North Texas homeowners should not attempt to install a water heater without a qualified technician. It can be even trickier to select an energy efficient model that cuts the costs of energy bills. Since the areas for water heaters vary based on the size of homes and building codes, water heaters are one of the most technical home units to install. Plumbing Specialists will guide our clients through every step of the process of water heater installations to make sure the unit reaches proper temperatures and adheres to standard safety protocol.

How do Plumbing Specialists Manage Gas Line Repairs?

Gas line leaks are one of the most dangerous scenarios a homeowner can encounter. In fact, for safety reasons, we recommend that homeowners have their gas lines actively inspected. If gas lines are neglected or mistreated, homeowners can expect hefty energy bills and repair costs. Like sewer line systems and water heater units, natural gas lines are composed of metal that can degrade over time. Construction and yard work can also rupture the gas lines, causing a plumbing emergency that must be reported immediately.

How Can I be Certain that My Gas Line is Leaking?

Natural gas liquids produce a pungent sulfur odor when exposed to oxygen and the smell should instantly tip North Texas homeowners off to a dangerous leak. If the pipes are hissing and the odor loiters around them, evacuate your home and travel to a same distance and then contact Plumbing Specialists. We specialize in gas line repairs and if a gas leaks happens on a holiday or after business hours, firefighters can solve the issue as well.

We Want to be Your Lifetime Amarillo Plumber

We consistently practice and hone the best plumbing procedures to refine our passion for safety, home maintenance and customer satisfaction! Whether our clients need help with remodeling bathroom appliances or uncertain about the security of gas lines—we attentively listen, map out a plan of action, then carefully execute it. From Happy to Amarillo,  North Texas residents consistently praise our dedication to the job and flexibility with meeting their plumbing and maintenance needs.  



At Plumbing Specialists, we work hard to provide you with quality service that you can trust. If you are in need of plumbing service, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are proud to serve Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding communities.


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