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Plumbing Specialist provides hand selected and customizable plumbing services to Amarillo and the surrounding areas including Canyon, Bushland, Dumas, Pampa, Fritch, Borger, Panhandle, Hereford, Umbarger, and Happy, Texas. There are many weekly plumbing scenarios our plumbers and technicians are tasked with. Unlike any other plumbing company in this region of Texas—we execute friendly, affordable, and a customer first strategy with plumbing maintenance. Our licensed and state certified plumbers employ distinctive services within several cities around North Texas.

Your Leading Amarillo Plumbing Professionals

Our team is comprised of expert industry professionals who pride ourselves on providing the best service possible to our Canyon, Bushland, Dumas, Pampa, Fritch, Borger, Panhandle, Hereford, Umbarger, and Happy customers. Your plumbing system is always our number one priority. We have a special understanding of every area we services from the most common types of pipe materials and diameters used in the areas to the various environmental factors that can affect your plumbing system. 

Quality Water Heater Services

Mid to late Summer is a fruitful time to consider installing a new water heater unit before the cold winter months sweep across Texas and the demand for warm water increases. Water heaters endure a range of issues that encompass faulty circuits and rusted tanks. Before the tanks start rumbling loudly and announce their decline, Plumbing Specialist can scrap the defective tanks and install a regular or tankless heater.

Regular water heater installations are time-consuming and typically dangerous to install if Amarillo homeowners are not licensed, plumbing technicians. It can be equally puzzling to walk into a local home appliance store and select the heater best suitable for your Texas home. Heaters differ in size, energy usage, and technologies—and one of our technicians can simplify the process and maximize savings.

Compared to regular water heaters, tankless water heaters are a newer trend on the market and require a knowledgeable technician to select the best model. These units allow homeowners to customize the level of warm water they use to use in their home. Hiring one of our plumbing technicians to audit energy bills can help determine how to properly use this feature on tankless heaters.

Professional Grade Drain Cleaning Services

With our high-resolution sewer camera, Plumbing Specialists’ technician's remotely scope-out deep clogs in sewer line systems. In smaller and remote areas of North Texas—such as Panhandle—it can be a challenge to locate a trustworthy plumbing company to fix clogs in pipes. We pride ourselves in serving the communities of Canyon, Bushland, Dumas, Pampa, Fritch, Borger, Panhandle, Hereford, Umbarger, and Happy, Texas, and willing to travel for both big and small jobs. Oftentimes, grime settles in pipes and after years, it may cause serious obstructions to sewer line systems. The hydro jetting cleaning procedure expels a higher powered blast of water into sewer pipes and quickly restores water flow.

Safe and Trusted Gas Line Services

One of the most dreaded scenarios among Amarillo resident is a ruptured gas line. It can be stressful dilemma to locate a responsive company like Plumbing Specialists to dispatch a certified technician when environmental factors or construction breaks a gas line. We have no problem arriving on the scene regardless of the time to quickly fix gas lines and bring safety to your home.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Amarillo Plumbing Experts Today

These are just a few cities in North Texas that Plumbing Specialist actively helps as a valued community member. If you, a neighbor, or a friend are looking for a plumbing professional to help with plumbing repairs, sewer line maintenance, or other standard plumbing problems. Our team services the communities of Amarillo, Canyon, Bushland, Dumas, Pampa, Fritch, Borger, Panhandle, Hereford, Umbarger, and Happy, Texas. We are available today for more consultation and emergency repair services. 



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Amarillo Plumbing Experts



At Plumbing Specialists, we work hard to provide you with quality service that you can trust. If you are in need of plumbing service, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are proud to serve Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding communities.


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