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3 Ways Our Team Can Restore Your Plumbing System

July 1, 2019

A home is not a home without sewer line fixtures that aid with leading a healthy and happy life at home with family on the weekend. Hot showers, running dishwashers, and unclogged toilets are a part of a person’s life which may be taken for granted. If the crisis of a dysfunctional plumbing system afflicts your Amarillo home, Plumbing Specialists will quickly dispatch a plumber and reestablish a relaxing home. Easy Fixes to Your Amarillo Drain Problems  The DIY method of tackling clogged sinks and drains does not measure up to Plumbing Specialists’ proactive plumbing services. Simply dumping drain cleaners…

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Why You Should Have Your Amarillo Pipes Inspected

July 1, 2019

Amarillo residents are often shocked when sewer lines break down and cause thousands of dollars in repair services. Plumbing Specialists strive for five star excellence with keeping our client base in the loop about pipe inspections. The long-term value of keeping homes a good investment requires a team of trusted home professionals.  If you are in doubt about the state of your sewer line system, there are ways to determine if it is time for a pipe inspection.  Check the Age of Your Pipes  Sewer lines run beneath the earth and connect to pipe systems in basement, composing an entire…

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